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Time Management for the successful business woman!

“You can not manage time but you can manage the events in your life in relation to what time you have.”  This quote is so true, there is only 24 hours in a day and that is all we have so let’s make the best of it!
How you use your time is up to you but  if you follow these steps you will feel  more productive and a lot less stressed but you will need to rely on some self discipline for it to work.
What is Time Management?

“Time management” refers to the way that you organize and plan how long you spend on specific activities.


You’ve probably seen a scenario like this play out in your workplace:

Two woman with the same, abilities and education start a job at the same time, they’re both given the same opportunities to succeed.

Years later, one of them has become an established manager, that manages teams of people, has the respect of her peers, and earns a generous salary.

Meanwhile, the other one has not advanced far at all, she is stuck in the same position and is thinking of moving on.  why do you think this is?

From our experience, the difference between people who succeed and those that don’t isn’t desire, ability, or luck. The difference is that accomplished people take the initiative to learn as much as they can, and make sure they have what tools they need for success, while others fail to prepare themselves.

And when we say prepare themselves, we don’t mean through work-sponsored training, In today’s economic climate, employers simply aren’t investing in long-term skills development.

So, by equipping yourself, we mean taking the initiative to improve your skills and take control of your career. And if you’re willing to take this step, there’s an incredible opportunity to achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.

You must start by keeping a log of what you do on a daily basis for 1 week and that will help you determine what you spend most of your time doing then the planning starts.

Make a to do list of everything you need to get done, then add what is urgent, important and and what can wait until later, then you need to set your priorities and do the important tasks first and you will find that the urgent tasks are not always so urgent.
Now you have your first list, now on the same paper you should categorize into high priority, medium priority, and then less in that order and that will get you started.
This will determine what you really have time for today and what you can carry over to tomorrow’s list.
What is important today may or may not be as urgent tomorrow. Make sure you mark your list off as you do your tasks.
Use a planning tool to keep everything straight is important but there are so many devices  you can use now days but I still  prefer the old fashioned day planner, writing down your tasks can free your mind to focus on what you need to do not what you want to do.
Make sure you write everything down in your planning tool and keep them together if you write them down and lose them then it is no help at all.
Look at your planner every day and carry it with you wherever you go you never know what idea you come up with or who you might run into. Refer to your planner often to keep your priorities straight.
If you use an electronic device make sure you can back it up daily.
Next you need to get rid of all the clutter on your desk or in your life and you do this also by making piles or boxes that are marked: Keep, give away and trash now you have to do what your piles tell you, organize your keep pile, delegate your give away pile and toss your trash pile, and it is GOODBYE CLUTTER
Now back to the to do list, schedule your time appropriately and make sure you add in time for yourself for lunch, dinner, sleep on your daily planner and make sure you block out the appropriate amount of time you think each task needs.
I was you I said yeah like I have any time left at all, trust me, it you use a time management plan correctly you will not be as stressed about everything that needs to be done!
We all try to take on too many responsibilities then we get overwhelmed and frustrated but as a manager or owner of a company we must learn how to delegate, that means passing the buck so to speak passing some of your responsibilities onto someone you can trust with the task and this will free up some of your time for some of your more urgent matters. Make sure when you delegate that you explain exactly what you expect and need done so they understand, communication which we will go over in my next blog.
Now you are all set to do the tasks you have left so stop procrastinating and set your phone to the side and block off that time to read your emails or mail and respond to them or more time for your family obligations.
Avoid multi-tasking that is one of the biggest ways to run out of time and will stress you more, so take one thing at a time breath and follow your list.
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When I was young starting at about 5 years old strange things would happen to me, I would see and hear things, but if I told someone they would tell me I had a very good imagination now the question is was it just a kids imagination or………..

could it be real hmmm!

Come back for my First chapter of strange happenings the weekly series!

I will see you soon!

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First step to great management skills



The first step to great management is learning to manage your time, this is the hardest part because not only do you have to manage your time at work, you also have to manage your time at home or you will never be able to separate your job from your home life.

This is very hard especially if you have kids, pets, spouses, laundry, house cleaning , grocery shopping….. it all runs together in your life and can get very confusing, try to get your family to help if you have someone who can, and if you don’t then it is all up to you.

I know you have heard this time and time again but you need to put yourself on a (Time Management) schedule.

To start a time management schedule  you must first have a daily planner either on your phone, your desk at home or work, but it needs to be somewhere you will look at it every day.

Make a seperate to do list for work and home because sometimes you will have to work from home, management is more than a full time job it is your career which makes it time consuming.

Being a manager is not easy and you will be putting a lot of time in at the office in whichever field you choose and whether you manage your own business or someone else’s it becomes a 10 to 14 hour position.

Professionalism is a big step to being a manager If you are worried about making people mad at you management is not for you, you can not be somebody’s friend in management when you always have to be the authority figure, you can be friendly but not their friends, if you are their friend you won’t be for long, especially if you are their boss.

Management is not only telling people what to do it is listening, counseling, planning, controlling everything around you, and if you are not someone to wants to work long hours again management is not for you, but time management is.

This is the first step to management, come back and follow me for my next blog and be sure to SIGN UP for my email list to get my  free planner and Free Printable handouts and weekly information straight to your inbox.

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What to do when you are 30 or older and still looking for your dream job!

I know you have heard it all before!

You have tried it all!

They have all been gimmicks!

You think this is a gimmick try getting on social security (disability) after you worked for it your whole life, now that is hard to do almost impossible!

Well I was just like you, looking, searching, I felt restless, then something happened to me and I didn’t have a choice, I was hurt and could no longer work but I still needed to live.

What I have found is if you work hard and stick with it, you will be well on your way to quitting your day job in 1 year or less!

Blogging is a way to socialize online and share opinions, ethics and ideas with other bloggers.


You take what you’re trained for, or good at, education or hobbies and turn them into a business with little or no money down, let me show you how!

Like everything else getting started is the hard part once you are up and running, it just gets easier!

I am not saying run out and quit your day job today, but do not give up on your own dream either!

We all know in our hearts the internet is the place to be now a days it is a growing industry, but weather we are scared of trying, making mistakes, or just think we are to old to learn something new just know you are not alone, I was just like you!

I thought, I am too old to do anything else what am I supposed to do now, well let me tell you, the best thing I ever did was start blogging!

 The reason I started blogging  was because I did not know what else to do and I frantically searched the internet for work from home jobs, but most were scams or wanted lots of money down and when you don’t have a job you also do not have money!

Then I ran across a couple of other bloggers that  caught my eye and decided I would read their stories to see what they had to offer, that was when I was caught. I couldn’t say no! Both of these women are great and taught me alot with the resources they have available, Abby Lawson with and Melyssa Griffin with once I started reading their blogs I knew I was home, and I had found my calling!

then I started watching all the free webinars I could and joined facebook groups to see what others were writing about, and here I am, now I am blogging and making money at what I love and I do it from home!

 Now how do you get started you ask?  The following are basic blogging strategies every professional blogger should implement to help ensure success:

 1.   Define the target audience for your blog and cater to that audience.

 The best way to build a dedicated audience for any blog is to carefully and clearly define its target audience right from the start, and then create content that caters to that audience.

 Focusing on a niche audience and developing appropriate content specifically for those people helps to ensure there will be strong interest in your blog’s content, plus it makes promoting the blog easier.

 The more narrowly you define your target audience, the easier it will be to identify those people, cater to their needs with your content, and reach them with your advertising and marketing messages.

2. Put a unique twist on your blog’s topic and content.

 It’s virtually impossible to brainstorm a totally original topic to blog about. Instead, your primary and ongoing goal should be to continuously develop innovative content and put a truly unique spin on whatever topic you’re blogging about.

 You, as a blogger, are a unique individual with your own personality. To set your blog apart, be sure to incorporate your knowledge, voice and personality into your blog. This is one of the easiest ways to set it apart from your competition.

 3. Add new content on a regular basis.

 To build and maintain a steady audience, regularly add new content to your blog.

 Every new blog entry should cater to your blog’s target audience, offer content that’s perceived as valuable, and build upon previously published content. For a blog to be successful, you must stay on topic and cater to the wants, needs and expectations of your target audience.

 This means developing a thorough understanding of who your audience is, then adjusting your focus as trends and demands change over time.

Once you set a schedule for posting new content, it’s essential to maintain that schedule, so plan accordingly.

 4. Build your email list.

Build and email list (a following) so that when you finally do decide what and how you want to make money (store, ecourses, ebooks, webinars etc…..) then you have people to present it to.

 Make sure again that you know what your target audience is.



Hi I’m Paula,

I was widowed in 2013, In 2015 I was injured and was not able to go back to work, that is when I started Blogging and turned my blog into a thriving business!

I launched in May of 2016 as a creative way to help others just like you with your management, business, and web design skills and to help others who want to start their own business through blogging,

so you can work from home and be on the road to success.

If you want to build your website, start a blog and make it a profitable business, then you have come to the right place!

I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona and moved to Roanoke VA in 1997 I have been in Business Management for 30 + years an Office Manager/Vet Assistant for 16 years at a local Veterinary Clinic in Roanoke VA.

I have a website and business for our Furry Friends but I also wanted to share my management and business experience with you, and how I turned my management skills into not one but two thriving online businesses.

If you want to learn management skills or how to work for yourself or how to start a blog this site is for you, all you have to do is sign up and let me know what your interests are and I will send you the information you request!

Now that I am retired I help others just like you start a blog and turn it into a thriving business.

This blog will be a source of income and may occasionally incorporate endorsements or testimonials. I felt it was important to disclose this to you: The content of our blog is a source of income for me and may be used to promote products, services, or other businesses.

We will only choose to promote products, services, businesses that we have tried and feel it will be beneficial to you.

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How to communicate and give a work presentation!

Definition of communication

  • The imparting or exchanging of information or news between two or more people to produce greater understanding

  • Transmission, conveyance, divulgence, disclosure, of information

Now let’s add this to Management and we have:

Communications management is the systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of all the channels of communication within an organization, and between organizations; it also includes the organization and dissemination of new communication directives connected with an organization, network, or communications technology. Aspects of communications management include developing corporate communication strategies, designing internal and external communications directives, and managing the flow of information, including online communication.

Ok first we need to plan out what we are going to talk about: Like Osha policies or next week’s tasks etc…

  • Choose your topic

  • Put it on paper

  • Now think of 5 or 6 things you can include in your talk

  • Decide on the best order for your main points

  • Make brief notes to expand on each one.

  • Organize your ideas

  • Decide how you’re going to give presentation (media, office computer, board)


  1. Opening/ I’m going to talk about

  2. Next/ and secondly

  3. In addition to

  4. Then finally

  5. Any questions

Now you have to implement your presentation!

  • Make sure your presentation is easy to follow

  • Make sure it is clear what it is about

  • Less is more you don’t want them to lose interest

  • Pick just the supporting facts

  • Conclude with examples or stories about your main point.

  • Close with questions

The beginning and the closing of a presentation are the parts that people tend to remember!

Whether you are talking to 1 or a group be confident and present it professionally!

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Please give your opinions below and share with your friends!

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How to get the best from your staff

Your employees are your most valuable asset. The way you manage can have an important impact on your employees and how well they do their job.
It is often the little things that you do every day that bring together your work team and make a difference!
Ask yourself these 7 questions if you can answer yes to all of them then you are already a great manager if you answer no to any of them then read this blog and this book!
  1. Are you a good role model?
  • Do you treat people with consideration?
  • Do you act calm under pressure?
  • Do you lead by example?
  • Do you ask how your employees are doing when they see you and listen to them when they ask for help?
  • Do you give your employee ample time to learn their jobs so they can do them effectively?
  • Do you make sure your staff understands fully what you expect of them and what they need to do?
  •  Do you set them goals and give them feedback on their performance?
Treat everyone respectfully and courteously at all times, particularly when there is a problem! Everyone who works for you is a valuable human being who deserves respect. A manager is only as good as how she or he treats their employees.
2. Never humiliate anyone on your staff:
  • If you are annoyed with someone on your staff, or they have done something wrong, keep your cool, especially in front of other people the time for discipline is in private. If you embarrass someone they will hold a grudge and they will not be effective for you anymore, you cannot work with someone that holds a grudge.
3. Don’t pretend like you never make mistakes:
  • If you make a mistake say so.  Managers don’t have to be infallible! Your staff will respect you more if you are able to admit you made a mistake and then work on a solution.
  • We all make mistakes and if you think you don’t then you are the problem, not the solution.
  • If your employees feel they can come to you when they make a mistake rather than something to feel bad about or ashamed of then they will take more risks on your behalf.
  • Allow your staff to feel that they can come and talk to you about sensitive issues, about personal and work matters, and that you will respect them, and not hold what they share against them.
  • Listen to your employee and let them know they can talk to you, often employee’s feel intimidated by management.
  • Make sure you show people that you are willing to listen to what they have to say, that they are important and worthy of your time.
  • Don’t hide behind your position be human and friendly with your staff and encourage each other when things are tough.
5. Pay good employee what they are worth, you will get more out of people if they are appreciated.
  • Train continuously keep your crew at their best
  • Compliment employees for a job well done
The definition of leadership is:
the action of leading a group of people or an organization.
“different styles of leadership”
Synonyms; guidance, direction, control, management, superintendence, supervision.
Please give your opinions below
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How I started my own business with no money down!

The first thing I did was to find my platform and there are a lot of them out there, you will have to try different ones to find what is right for you.


There is sitebuilder,wix, blogger, wordpress, tumblr, weebly and so on………


  • I started with a free platform with and found that it is easy to use but if you need help there is none to be found
  • So far the is my favorite! It gives 100s of templates, unlimited pages & hosting for free but the free sites don’t give a lot of GB storage so you have to use only what you need.
  • I have not done much with wordpress but i am trying it out as we speak i will have to save judgment on that one for now! For the free plan you get 3 GB of storage which goes up when you purchase your paid plans.

You will then have to pick a Domain name and make sure it is a name that goes with what your business is going to be about and what you will write about and that will catch your audience’s attention.

The next thing I did was find my niche which is what I am writing about now I could not decide so I opened another website about pets that is at,  I made my first $100.00 within 2 months just by blogging and using affiliate links at google AdSense and Amazon.

Now I am writing about how I turned my blog into a profitable business and even $100.00 is a profit when you put no money down!

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